Building Constructions - Design & Build

Building Constructions - Design & Build

RAPCO’s Design and Engineering teams are experienced in delivering multi discipline projects in numerous sectors and locations globally. RAPCO’s technical specialists have deep expertise and ingenuity; they share an inventive, joined-up approach and thrive on problem-solving.

RAPCO’s Engineering Team provide clients with expertise and experience in the following services:

  • Site Assessment
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Concept Design & Feasibility Study
  • Process Technology Selection
  • Project Performance Measurement
  • Compliance with Regulatory, Permitting and Licensing requirements
  • Front End Engineering Design and Assessment
  • Integrated Safety and Quality Design reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Final Design and Contract Documents
  • Material Selection with early identification of Long Lead and Critical items

RAPCO’s construction services experts provide clients with an extensive range of pre-construction and construction-related services and solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity.

We deliver complex construction projects in challenging and diverse environments.

In addition to this RAPCO offers a wide range of services to its clients, which include, but not limited to: project construction management, general contracting, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), international procurement, logistics, and operation & maintenance.

The above-mentioned services are available over the following project types:

  • High-rise towers & mixed-use buildings
  • Residential & commercial complexes
  • Large-scale housing projects
  • Hospitals & medical complexes
  • Infrastructure developments & utilities
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • District cooling plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Solid waste management
  • Roads, tunnels & bridges
  • Power generation & transmission
  • Water & oil pipelines
  • Industrial installations
  • Military & defense projects
  • Consumer products process plants
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)
  • PPP, BOT and BOOT Projects
  • Operation & maintenance

The oil and gas installations we design and build have to survive extremely challenging and harsh environments, from desert heat to sub-zero arctic temperatures, and so require deep construction expertise, strong project management and a clear focus on safety, integrity and quality.

Our extensive experience (over 38 years), operational excellence and strong capabilities mean that we can deliver complex construction projects, whether these developments are greenfield or brownfield, onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream.

We are commercially flexible, offering a range of different commercial models tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We have extensive lump-sum turnkey expertise (LSTK) in onshore engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and offshore engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI). We also provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services too as part of our extensive portfolio.

As a responsible company, we employ local people, work with local suppliers and where there is a need, develop local capabilities. We measure the total number of jobs created by our projects, as well as the ratio between expatriate and local workers. This helps us calculate in-country value (ICV) - the net contribution that we make to the economies in which we operate, so that we leave a positive legacy after our involvement in the project has finished.

RAPCO’s workforce takes a proactive approach to Construction Delivery and takes pride in delivering projects safely and to the highest quality, ensuring client satisfaction and beneficial to all project stakeholders.

  • Multi-discipline expertise
  • State of art construction techniques including modularity
  • Strict adherence to scope, budget and schedule requirements
  • Continuous Project Performance Measurement
  • Interface Management between all functions on the project in particular Engineering, Procurement and
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • On site Quality Assurance and Control
  • Pre - Commissioning