General Contractor

General Contractor

Rapco's Activities Can Be Categorized In The Following Areas: Rapco Group’s Activities Can Be Categorized In The Following Areas:

  • Civil Construction, RCC Buildings Including Structural And Architectural
  • Plant Fabrication And Installation
  • Electro/mechanical Projects
  • Security, It, Communication & Idas System
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Temporary Facilities
  • Drilling And Blasting Services
  • Operation And Maintenance
  • Camps, Catering And Warehouse Management

List of Activities:

  • Turnkey Industrial Project
  • General Construction
  • Site Preparation
  • Precast Concrete
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Mechanical / Piping Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Maintenance Of Industrial Plants
  • Temporary Facilities
  • Manpower & Heavy Equipment Rental
  • Drilling And Blasting Services
  • Prefabricated House & Office
  • Transportation Services

Civil Constructions:

RAPCO track record includes successful completion of the civil works for major industrial and multi-discipline projects that include desalination and power plants, petrochemical and gas installations, cement plants, utility installations, factories and electrical substations. It has also completed high quality industrial and residential complexes, hospitals, administrative & institutional buildings. In such projects RAPCO  provided worldwide material purchasing, handling, transportation and storage. Such activities and expertise, in all aspects, were provided in-house by multidiscipline highly qualified engineers, technicians and construction staff, and company-owned equipment and construction materials.

Mechanical Works:

RAPCO has successfully completed major mechanical, industrial and multi-discipline projects which include desalination and power plants, petrochemical and gas installations, cement plants, utility installations, factories. The Works in such projects covered total equipment, steel structure, piping, insulation, painting, electrical and instrumentation erection works.

Project Management Capability:

RAPCO has accumulated a vast experience in managing construction projects throughout the Middle East, where work has been carried out to exacting technical specifications, difficult schedules, and under the tough constraints of lump-sum fixed prices. Under these conditions, the company has assumed total responsibility for the overall performance of all the disciplines involved including structural works; electrical, air-conditioning and plumbing work; internal architecture and finishing works; landscaping and external works. Hence RAPCO  Construction has acquired a multidisciplinary project-management capability independent from its field construction expertise.

As a result of this project management know-how, RAPCO has frequently been asked to act as Project Manager or Owner's Representative on special building projects belonging to affiliated companies.

In this role, RAPCO seconded senior project-management and construction-management personnel to each project. These staff members acted on the owner's behalf and coordinated the work of the many contractor and sub-contractors. In most instances, RAPCO  Construction personnel established detailed schedules for the project and assisted the contractor in maintaining achievement levels, observing completion dates and keeping to the budgets. Additional responsibilities included gaining approvals from municipalities and local authorities at various stages throughout the project.


RAPCO is established since 1982 and is a wholly owned Saudi Arabian organization, within a Saudi based International Conglomerate. It is one of the leaders in all disciplines of Civil, Mechanical, Pipeline and related Construction Work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

RAPCO has accumulated extensive experience over the last Twenty Four Years of Operation, with successful implementation of large Construction, Fabr cation, Pipeline, and Electro-Mechanical Projects for major Clients. Among the contracts executed are constructions of many miles of cross-country pipelines, trunklines, flowlines, water injection lines, wellheads, cathodic protection systems, tie-ins, hot tapping into live lines, cold pipe bending ; In-plant fabrication, installation, electrical & instrumentation, maintenance, rehabilitation and related civil works throughout the Kingdom.

RAPCO has the Reputation, Expertise, Manpower, Equipment and Resources, to professionally execute large scale projects economically and on schedule to the entire satisfaction of its clients:-


Quality, Reliability, Integrity, Honesty, Confidence & Hard Work are all the ingredients that have contributed to the Company’s renowned reputation, of getting the job done to perfection within budget and on time.


The execution of many demanding projects in the past, over the most in hospitable terrain an adverse weather conditions in the field of civil construction and pipe lines construction has provided the Company with a wealth of experience and invaluable expertise, second to none.


Through stringent screening and selection of highly qualified & specialized personnel the Company have a cross section of specialists and craftsmen at its disposal who are dedicated to work as a team, to fulfill contractual obligations.


The impressive range of machinery, equipment and vehicles owned by the Company is kept in the best possible condition by well trained and competent engineers and mechanics, in complete readiness for deployment at any given time.


As part of an international conglomerate, the Company has limitless resources at its disposal to meet any challenge. It has the capability and confidence to carry out any size project from the straight forward to the most demanding.

The recent changes and management style, together with the expansion programme has extended RAPCO “Scope of Activities” in pipeline and related construction. It specializes in:-

  • Civil Construction
  • Pipe laying (buried and above ground)
  • Plant fabrication and installation
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Thrust boring (up to 48” dia)
  • Shrink sleeve installation for epoxy coated pipe
  • Related Civil Work
  • Cathodic Protection System
  • Plant electrical and instrumentation work
  • HVAC
  • Maintenance

To achieve its objectives the Management is hypercritical in its demands and expects very high standards from its qualified and experienced multinational workforce, who have the enthusiasm and determination to perform their duties to the best of their ability. The Manpower is carefully selected from the Kingdom, The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, while the Management consists of professionally qualified and experienced Saudi Arabian nationals and expatriates from United States of America, Canada and Egypt. The current total numbers of employees are 929 personnel.

RAPCO has its headquarters off the Ras Tanura with regional offices in Riyadh, Jeddah and UAE.

The Main Equipment yard and Workshop is along the Ras Tanura & Dammam highway with lay-down yard in the field camps and Fabrication Facility. Field offices, Camps & lay-down yards, equipment & material supply warehouses, workshops, etc., for specific projects in different parts of the Kingdom are located in close proximity of the respective sites. The base camps are strategically located in Ras Tanura and Jeddah which are fully self supporting and include dinning facilities, laundries, toilet / bathing facilities, sweet water, sewage disposal facilities, electricity, recreational facilities, etc. These camps can accommodate 2500 men in Ras Tanura and 1500 men in Jeddah.

The camps are essentially portable units and are adjustable in size, according to requirement. RAPCO GROUP are able to mobilize and set up camp at any location within the Kingdom, at short notice. The Company owns and maintains, an impressive array of Construction Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles, ranging from Sidebooms, Dozers, Excavators, Backhoes, Graders, Cranes, F/E Loaders, Rollers, Bending Machines, Trenchers, Concrete Mixers, Generators, Welding Machines, Pumps, Thrustbore & sandblast Machines, Compressors, Dewatering Machines etc, to Truck Tractors, Lowboy & Highbed Trailers, Flatbed/Dump/Boom/Grease /Trucks, Tanker Trailer & Trucks, Buses, Pick-Ups, Station Wagons, etc. To support the construction activities our Procurement Department ensures that Equipment and Material Supplies from both, In-Kingdom and Out-of-Kingdom are readily available at all times for the continuity of construction work. Material and Equipment Control is maintained and scheduled through a Centralized Warehouse System, in coordination with the client Company. Greater emphasis is placed by the Management on Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Safety, as a result of which the Company is the recipient of many awards. A team of qualified QA/QC and Safety Personnel govern set procedures that are strictly followed by all concerned, in accordance with the requirements of the clients. Last but not least RAPCO ultimate objective is to continue to provide its valued clients, “Cost Effective Superior Workmanship”, in the performance of its scheduled commitments.-“IN-SHA-ALLAH”.

General Contracting, Construction &  Electro-mechanical Contractor

RAPCO is a subsidiary of a highly specialized Global Group of Companies. RAPCO is a leading general contracting and provider of construction and engineering support services to public and private sector customers across a wide of market sector in Saudi Arabia. Our objective is to build and maintain value for our range of stakeholder groups. RAPCO offers a full range of general contracting, construction and engineering support services options, from major building and infrastructure projects through to smaller building and civil engineering works, mechanical, piping and structural fabrication works. We can offer single service delivery or tailor integrated solutions to meet precise customer needs. Backed by our years of experience, expertise, unique delivery capability, highly motivated, talented people, and our commitment to high quality and standards, we offer customers comprehensive approaches including general contracting, construction management and property development solution.

General Contracting, Construction Management Services

As part of a Global Group of Companies, RAPCO provides multidisciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable our clients to succeed across a wide range of goals – regardless of size or scope of complexity our professionals contribute state-of-the-art knowledge of equipment and practices, representing all of the disciplines involved in project execution and development. Our core services Include general contracting, construction management, property development and real estate management. We integrate all of the above into total program Management. With our supervisory skills, global resources and diverse expertise, RAPCO is acknowledged as one of Saudi Arabia’s top program delivery Companies-seeing projects through their entire life cycle from concept to product Realization.

General Contracting, Construction Electro Mechanical Contractor  Site Temporary Facilities

RAPCO is a Construction and Buildings Contractor. RAPCO is fully equipped to handle all types of general contracting and in addition has design, build, operate and management capabilities required to handle any “turn key” project. By providing an efficient ‘one –stop’ service, RAPCO can ensure maximum consistency between the design and build stages and offer clients many other advantages with regard to project coordination, scheduling and on-time quality delivery of all types of projects.

Construction Management

RAPCO offers professional construction management services that are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project, backed by a corporate commitment to total quality management. RAPCO construction engineering and supervisory services personnel are experts in management, supervision, monitoring and documenting the progress and quality of construction work.

General Contracting

Through its broad range of general contracting capabilities, RAPCO  helps make tomorrow a better place. It is a leader in integrated General Contracting solutions for buildings, utility infrastructures and services, Engineering, procurement, construction, project management. At RAPCO, we do it all, and we strive to do it best. At the heart of every construction job is engineering, and RAPCO makes sure it’s done intelligently-with constructability in mind.

The success of any project also depends on getting the right equipment, goods and services at the right time, and at the right price. RAPCO Size and reach enable us to procure nationally and globally, ensuring the Best possible deals. Led by a dynamic team of experienced professionals founded on a solid Tradition of remarkable achievements in projects completed throughout Saudi Arabia, RAPCO sets a quality and performance benchmark For Civil Engineering, Building, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Piping, Fabrication, Refurbishment & Renovation Works.

engineering, procurement, construction, project management. At RAPCO we do it all, and we strive to do it best. At the heart of every construction job is engineering, and RAPCO GROUP makes sure it’s done intelligently-with constructability in mind. The success of any project also depends on getting the right equipment, goods and services at the right time, and at the right price. RAPCO GROUP Size and reach enable us to procure nationally and globally, ensuring the Best possible deals. Led by a dynamic team of experienced professionals founded on a solid Tradition of remarkable achievements in projects completed throughout Saudi Arabia, RAPCO sets a quality and performance benchmark For civil engineering, building, architectural, mechanical, electrical, Refurbishment and renovation works.

Construction Management

Rapco Offers A Board Range Of Pre-construction Planning And Construction Management Services Specifically Tailored To Meet The Unique Requirements Of A Client’s Project. At The Core Of Rapco ’s Construction Management Success Are Teams Of Professionals Collaborating With In A Proven Process Of Well-tested Project Management Methods And Construction Management Solutions That Are Continuously Monitored And Reviewed Against Industry Best Practices.

Major Construction Management approaches RAPCO  can offer:

  • Pre-construction Planning (Corpceptual cost Modeling, basis of design Estimates & Tracking, value Engineering studies/recommendations, Life Cycle Cost Studies, Milestone & CPM Schedule Development)
  • Construction Management (Pre-construction Management, Contract Administration, Owner/Client consultation, Guaranteed maximum Price Development, Schedule and Phasing Management, Financial/Insurance Management, Procurement/Contract Award, Project Reporting, Commissioning & Start-up, Punch list/Close-out)
  • Design Build (Single source design/construct management, CPM Schedule development, construction, QC/QA management)

Products And Scope of Services

Construction, Including Civil (Structural And Architectural) Electro/mechanical Projects

General Contracting

  • Integrated Contractingsolution
  • Site Development
  • Civil Engineering Works
  • Building Construction
  • Architectural Finishes
  • Procurement
  • Infrastructure Complexes
  • Residential Complexes
  • Commercial Centres
  • Offices
  • Refurbishment


  • Pre-construction Planning
  • Value Engineering Studies
  • Life Cycle Cost Studies
  • Milestones & Cpm Schedule Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Schedule And Phasing Management
  • Contract Award
  • Project Reporting
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Single Source Design / Construct Management

Electro Mechanical Works

  • Mechanical & Piping
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Maintenance Of Industrial Plants Development